Stage 1 surface: 547,73m2
  • Capacity – 5 993 m3
  • Surface area of buildings – 534,65 m2
  • Total area – 1 325,95 m2
  • Useful area – 1004,83 m2
  • Number of underground storeys – 1
  • Number of overground storeys – 2, 3
  • Building height (ridge) – max. 12,97 m
Stage 2 surface: 387,83 m2
  • Capacity – 4129,47 m3
  • Surface area of buildings – 387,83 m2
  • Total area – 1 368,52 m2
  • Useful area – 1004,83 m2
  • Number of underground storeys – 1
  • Number of overground storeys – 2 + usable attic
  • Number of underground storeys – 1
  • Building height (ridge) – 13,65 m


Rezydencja Szczytnicka is an exclusive residential apartment, naturally matching the character and atmosphere typical of the Szczytniki, Biskupin and Sępolno housing estates in the Wrocław city centre. An extremely attractive location in the immediate vicinity of the Oder River, surrounded by green areas, in one of the richest and most luxurious districts of Wroclaw, makes the Szczytnicka Residence a perfect place to live.
In the complex of buildings, 15 apartments have been designed, 6 of which are located in a new building, while another 9 are located in a historic building, more than a hundred years old, under the supervision of the Municipal Conservator of Monuments, underwent a thorough renovation.
The existing building will reconstruct cornices, portals and window frames, as well as a fragment of the pergola from the north side of the building.

The apartments are designed in a well-thought-out way allowing for direct contact with the surrounding nature. The use of high glazing and above-standard height of the rooms – up to 3.5 meters – guarantee maximum natural daylight illumination and give the spaces a unique, unique and luxurious character. Additional terraces and balconies have been designed to ensure privacy and a beautiful view. The green space surrounding the investment will be: a lush tree stand and an English style garden, while the ground floor apartments will also have direct exits to the gardens.

The buildings will be fully adapted to the needs and requirements of people with disabilities: threshold-free access to the main hall, the location of the entrance doors to the buildings and the shape and dimensions of the rooms, as well as modern passenger lifts providing access to all floors and apartments. This will enable trouble-free, fast and safe communication inside the buildings.

Szczytnicka Interior

In the case of construction work, the interior design is an element, which determines the final result of the whole process, please see below.