Usable area: 3 145m2

Lease area: 622,4m2

Number of floors: 6


Multifunctional, five-storey fully revitalized building on the Wrocław Market Square. It has luxurious office and service space perfectly adapted to the needs of demanding tenants. Adaptation of the new functional plan of the tenement house allowed for a fantastic synthesis of modern solutions in the historic walls. High standard of façade finishing, attention to detail and quality of materials used are the hallmark of the building full of Art Nouveau dignity and timeless elegance.

The building Rynek 49 covers the whole plot of land up to 19 Igielna Street. It is a former department store, entered in the Register of Historical Monuments, designed in 1901 for the Trautner company, by the architectural company of the brothers Richard and Paul Ehrlichs.

Within the existing building, the interiors have been rebuilt in order to achieve a modern standard. On the ground floor and the first floor, open space service areas are designed to be arranged by the future tenant together with the necessary sanitary facilities, and on the upper floors from the second floor to the fifth floor, office space is also designed in the form of open space for arrangement. Additionally, it is possible to adapt non-use attics to fully-functional office spaces. The underground storey, on the other hand, in addition to the rental space, will be located the necessary technical rooms.