Number of Apartments: 15,

Construction year: 1902,

Maximum ceiling height: 3,5m.


Marcinkowskiego 8 was built in 1902, completing a series of red brick buildings filling the corner of Karol Marcinkowskiego and Ludwika Pasteura streets. It was erected in a different era, when people lived at a different pace and professed different values. It was an era devoid of ubiquitous haste, in which stylish architecture and interiors were appreciated. The building was an investment of the famous jeweler and goldsmith J. Schlossarek, whose precious works still adorn the collections of connoisseurs of art and the collections of the Wrocław Archdiocesan Museum. The profession of the owner explains the attention to detail visible in all parts of the building.

The historic, decorative facade makes a great impression on everyone who is given the opportunity to see it, and not only the first time. After entering the building through a large, impressive, decorated hall, a view of a spacious, illuminated staircase and common areas with numerous decorative elements, beautiful wrought-iron balustrades and original ceramic tiles intensify the impression of time travel. The apartments offer numerous amenities for the comfort of future residents. Wooden windows, referring in style to the original design, offer a wonderful view of one of the most beautiful and peaceful districts of Wroclaw and provide access to a large amount of energizing daylight. High rooms and logically arranged arrangements of rooms enhance the impression of space. Numerous original details in the apartments and common areas strengthen the feeling of a historic place and enable the creation of unique interiors with a mix of classic and modern elements.

Marcinkowskiego 8 captivates with its style and surpasses modern investments in many fields. However, what is most important from the point of view of future residents is the renovation work carried out there, which determines the quality of life, safety and comfort of future residents. A well thought-out renovation process was our goal when planning the construction works.

Marcinkowskiego Interior

We are able to create a synergy of theoretically diversified styles, creating unique projects. The finishing works are carried out using top, cutting-edge materials, imported from all over the world. We believe that every single project should reflect the personality and aspirations of the client for whom it’s created. Please see below our proposals of design prepared especially for this building.