Leasable area: 3 313m2

Year of creation: 1900

Distance from the market square: 100m


An historic city, a beautiful street, a majestic, monumental building
Monumental stone façade is already a landmark in urban landscape of Rzeznicza Street and is probably one of the best recognized ones in Wroclaw.
Wide, breathtaking courtyard hidden in the back of the building allows creating the internal, private space in the middle of the city center.
It was not much to be added to the existing value of the building in terms of architectural design. All actions of the designers were focused only to discover the former beauty of the building and, in the same time, bring the contemporary standards demanded for most sophisticated clients.
The unique atmosphere of the historic interiors is underlined by minimalist, contemporary and elegant design.

High standard specification

Architects focused on using only natural, high-quality materials such as wood, stone, and ceramic. The majority of original claddings will be either renovated or reconstructed. In order to maintain the A-class building standards, all demanded technical solutions are provided. The building will be equipped with the required infrastructure as well as modern heating and cooling systems.

Flexible and modern solutions

The existing structure of the building, wide windows and big openings give the perfect opportunity to efficiently place any contemporary commercial function in the building. The structure of the premises, internal divisions and essential social rooms are planned in order to provide the very high flexibility, so the areas can be easily adapted to changing demands of the clients.